Our prices are in effect FCA Rohr (Free Carrier in accordance with lncoterms 2010) including normal packaging. The prices at the time of the placement of the order are in effect.

Value-added tax is not included in the price and will be billed in the respective legal amount. If the rate of the legal turnover tax changes during the conclusion of contract and delivery, any agreed upon gross purchase price changes accordingly.

If the customer purchases the goods from us at list price and the list price increases between the conclusion of contract and actual delivery, and if there is a period of at least 4 months between these, the agreed upon purchase price increases accordingly. Any agreed upon discounts must also be taken into account with regard to the increased purchase price. If the price agreement is not based on the list price, we are entitled to appropriately adjust the price subsequently if the cost factors for the goods or for other agreed upon services increase significantly. If such a price adjustment leads to a major price increase, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Cash before delivery is agreed upon for payment. The cash before delivery is due within 10 days after receipt of the invoice without deductions. If other payment modalities have been agreed upon, these must be in writing to be valid.

If the customer exceeds the payment deadline stipulated in the invoice, we are entitled to charge interest for late payment of 8 % over the respective basic interest rate without warning.

Set-off with unrecognized claims of the customer or claims that are not legally determined is not permissible. This is also in effect for a right of retention due to such counterclaims if these claims are not based on the same contract relationship.